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The 2014- 2015 Lions Year begins...
Presentation of Committee Reports at the 2014-2015 District 22 D Third Cabinet Meeting held January 29, 2015
First Cabinet Meeting 2014-2015
First Cabinet Meeting 2015-2016
DG Jim presided over the 1st Cabinet meeting held on August 9th at the Farmington Fire Hall. As usual, the ‘covered dishes’ were plentiful and delicious and the fried chicken was exceptional. Remarks were given by 1st VDG Glenn and 2nd FDG Charles, followed by the reports from Cabinet chairpersons. DG Jim & PDG Chair Richard Merriwether award a first time LOVRNET Interviewer certificate to Lion Marie Chew.
2015-2016 District 22 D 2nd Cabinet Meeting presided over by DG Jim Coverdale. Pictures are Courtesy of PDG Bob Daniels. This meeting was held at the Modern Maturity Center, Dover, DE on Wednesday, October 21, 2015. As is the custom the camaraderie was showing, the food was very good and the talks were for the most part "jiffy" quick and many awards and recognitions were handed out.
On February 7 at 1 PM around 3500 “Bears” plunged into the 43 degree ocean in Rehoboth. Air temperature was 45. As you can see, from pictures, DG Jim ‘took the plunge’ along with a number of other                    “freezin’ for a reason”                  Bears from 22D. Many of the funds raised by Lions were committed to the team of ‘Winnies Waders’, in memory of Winnie Spence, a dedicated Delaware Lion and long time advocate of                Special Olympics.
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